What Our Clients Say

Energy Strategies stepped in when our processing facility was hit with almost a half-million dollars in operational flow charges for natural gas during a month of frigid weather… Energy Strategies successfully presented our case to the state commission and the LDC (local distribution company) changed their policy so we won’t be charged like that in future years.

–VP of a large processing facility in New England.

We were paying close to a million dollars a year in extra electricity charges we weren’t even aware of.  Energy Strategies identified DSM (demand side management) fees that were embedded in our electricity rate and didn’t appear on our invoices.  Then, they showed us how to get rid of them.

– Facilities Manager of a major transportation company in the southwest.

My company depends on natural gas to produce our products and the market has been extremely volatile.  Energy Strategies worked with our management team to develop and implement a risk management policy. The risk management strategies we now employ through Energy Strategies at all our facilities have improved our energy cost management and budgeting.

– Vice President of Procurement for a large Midwestern manufacturer.

Energy Strategies performed an RFP (request for proposal) for our natural gas supply and it examined so much more than just the cost per unit of the gas.  We now have a superior contract at a great price and the invoicing, transportation dependability, ease of auditing, and overall energy management are much improved.

– Vice President of a paper mill.

Energy Strategies put together our ‘Shippers Group’ for large natural gas consumers that hold firm transportation capacity on a Northeast pipeline.  We all need to own capacity to fuel our businesses in the winter.  When the pipeline wanted to raise our rates, Energy Strategies’ Shippers Group allowed us to vigorously participate in the rate case with the power of a single voice.  As a result, we all saved over 30% of the proposed rate hike.

– Member of a Northeast shippers group.

Aging infrastructure will require improvements to the pipeline I depend on for natural gas to run my company.  When all the shippers on the line received notice that we were going to be billed millions of dollars for the improvements, Energy Strategies put together a ‘Shippers Group’ that brought a halt to the proceedings before the FERC.  Now, the pipeline will have to find a more equitable way to fund improvements.

– Member of an Interstate Pipeline Shippers Group.

Our company already had a contract in place with a natural gas supplier, but Energy Strategies recommended doing an RFP to see what other suppliers might offer.  Although we ended up staying with our supplier, the RFP process resulted in a better price than we had as well as contract terms that were more favorable for our business.  Energy Strategies also did an invoice audit of our supply and transportation invoices.  I was surprised at the discrepancies that were discovered, but that process also gave me the assurance that our natural gas charges were in line with our contracts.

– Energy Purchasing Manager of an east coast manufacturer

Our city just did an end-of-year analysis on natural gas purchases.  The RFP that Energy Strategies performed resulted in the city selecting a third-party natural gas supplier that resulted in a savings of over 25% compared to the utility/LCD provider.

— A financial manager for a southwestern city.

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