Shippers Groups for Interstate Pipeline Cost Recovery Mechanism

Energy Strategies has successfully formed Customer/Shipper Groups by finding common interests of parties in regulatory or contract negotiations. Shippers Groups may elect to jointly oppose rate increases or tariff provisions proposed by interstate pipeline or utility transporters.

Benefits of being a member of a Shippers Group include the following.

  • Increased influence in the negotiation process as a result of the collective volumes represented by the Members.
  • Potential settlements that may be available only to members.
  • Significantly reduced costs through sharing of expenses among the Members.

Energy Strategies reviews and analyzes proposals offered by the pipeline, develops scenarios of the impact of the pipeline’s proposal, creates alternatives, and reviews and prepares regulatory filings in behalf of the Shippers Group as we have done for the following groups:

  • Florida Non-Utility Partners
  • Northern New England Industrial Gas Users Association
  • Oklahoma Electric Consumers Group
  • Portland Natural Gas Consumers Group
  • Oklahoma Commercial Consumers Group
  • Auburndale Power Partners
  • Fox River Valley Power Coalition
  • Northern Natural Gas Shippers Group (AMIR)
  • Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission Shippers Group
  • ANR Shippers Group