Our History

In 1984 Mike Boyd co-founded Boyd Rosene & Associates which, after its sale in 1996, became Energy Strategies, Inc. based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Over the past 30 years, the staff of Energy Strategies has served clients in various sectors of the energy industry including primarily natural gas and electric power. Energy Strategies has practical experience, a comprehensive understanding of the energy industry and the professional staff to provide forward-thinking, progressive solutions to companies seeking customized energy solutions.

More recently, the staff of Energy Strategies has expanded its focus on regulatory issues at the federal and state levels and has represented shippers, individually and as groups, in response to a recent FERC Policy Statement (Docket No. PL-15-1-000) that sets forth guidelines for interstate pipelines in establishing rates for its shippers. This expanded focus builds on Energy Strategies’ previous involvement in the development of tariffs and numerous settlement discussions before the FERC and various state regulatory bodies.

Energy Strategies has continually expanded its services to encompass the needs of our clients and ensure that our clients are receiving every benefit in the rapidly evolving natural gas and electric power industries. We are working daily with clients to negotiate contract, analyze rates and prices, and develop strategies for the management of energy costs.

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