About us


Helping our clients gain a competitive advantage through creative and comprehensive energy strategies.


Energy Strategies’ clients are located throughout the United States and vary from small commercial companies to large industrial end-users and from small municipal utilities to large power producers. Although specific needs often vary, each client has a similar goal of obtaining a secure, reliable supply of energy at the lowest cost.

Our experience in working with many different parties with a wide variety of interests throughout the country provides us the opportunity to bring a comprehensive understanding of the business to the resolution of natural  gas and electric energy issues. We are prepared to tailor custom solutions to any problem involving electricity or natural gas.

Our company is best equipped to meet your needs based on the following:

  1. Past experience;
  2. Working knowledge of operations;
  3. The expertise and varied skills of Energy Strategies’ staff;
  4. Success we have achieved in meeting our clients’ unique energy needs;
  5. Flexibility Energy Strategies offers by constantly being in the marketplace seeking out the most advantageous supply and transportation alternatives in our clients’ behalf.

Why Energy Strategies?

  • Energy Strategies has the Knowledge to identify, evaluate, and analyze energy supply and transportation alternatives. We have the knowledge to optimize existing programs and develop and update strategic plans.
  • Energy Strategies has the Ability to identify possible issues and opportunities based on regulatory or operational changes and the know-how to implement a plan that will provide the best outcome for the client.
  • Energy Strategies has the Expertise to provide ongoing projections of transportation availability and market prices/conditions. Energy Strategies has the resources to ensure immediate responses to opportunities that may benefit the customer.
  • Energy Strategies has a Proven Track Record of successful evaluation, analysis, and negotiation of energy purchase and transportation agreements. Energy Strategies also has relationships with reliable providers of supply and transportation.
  • Energy Strategies has the Experience in natural gas pipeline operations and in networking with suppliers, pipelines, and industrial end users nationwide.
  • Energy Strategies has the Desire and the Resources to benefit end-users.

Contact us to learn how we can use our expertise to solve your energy problem.